Drea Nicole is a cutting edge photographic artist who has received national acclaim for her Beauty, commercial, fashion, and portrait imagery. Drea has mastered her gift of visual storytelling, built from a sheer passion for the Arts and a keen eye for detail. From her branding photography to her breathtaking beauty snaps, her work is distinctive and mesmerizing for its striking concepts,artistic style and fashion-forward touches. With every click of the shutter, Drea strives to produce a clean, high-quality image that captures the inner beauty and inspire emotion.

Drea is more than a photographer; she launched her online magazines, Rebel Lifestyle and Rebel Kids, and dedicates herself to mentor other aspiring photographers looking to take their careers to the next level. Drea’s work is classic, timeless and exudes sophistication. Before the first photographis taken, Drea studies her subjects to truly understand who they are. From conceptualization to retouching, Drea is intimately involved in the entire campaign. Her collaborative nature and radical approach elevates her clients’creativity.

Much of Drea’s work reflects her deep appreciation for women’s culture. Being a woman herself, Drea admires that the culture embraces versatility while adhering to a standard. No two women are physically alike; however, they share common traits, like confidence, a strong sense of duty and a progressive mentality. Through her images, Drea hopes to capture the essence of men and women inner beauty and make it accessible to all cultures. 

A Virginia native that has lived outside of DC Drea now resides in Atlanta, GA. She has been requested for fashion, beauty and lifestyle campaigns across the country. Her work has been featured in Sheen, Hype Hair, Black Hair Sophisticate, Upscale, Essence magazines, Pepsi, TVOne, BounceTV, Soul Train Music Awards, BET, BETher, WeTV, Bravo, VH1, Taliah Waajid, numerous TV shows and films. Just to name a few.

Today, Drea is dedicated to raising her two beautiful children, growing her magazines, refining and perfecting her craft, and finding new ways to make her work unique.

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