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One-on-One Training (3 hours)

$1500.00 USD

This 1-on-1 training is a 3 hours session that will cover Studio Lighting, Retouching, or any other struggles you are facing.

Did you always want to learn about studio lighting or retouching using Photoshop but was afraid to? A one-on-one in person training is the perfect way to get over that fear and tackle it head on. We can customize your training based on your individual skill level and what you want to learn. Whether you want to learn lighting in the studio, on location, or both, we’ll set aside time for hands-on portfolio building that puts you in the driver seat for real-deal lighting experience. These are just the basics that will be covered in your training session, but the great part about coming to a 1-on-1 training session versus a workshop is that we can tailor the session to fit your needs!  No photography questions are off limits! 

Skill Level- Beginner to intermediate

*Please email for payment plan availability. 

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